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Lizotte Machine Vision Can Inspection for Seam and Foreign Materials

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The Lizotte Can Grader acquires a perimeter view of the seam by using six synchronized cameras and a creatively designed lighting chamber. In the images, our specialized software finds the top and underside of the seam, and evaluates the seam for overall straightness, for width, and for variations in height, any of which could indicate a defect.  At an optional station, an image from the top is acquired and inspect for defects including dents, absent or miss-placed pull-tab and over-filling.


  • Rate up to 1,200 cans per minute
  • Full perimeter inspection
  • Inspects for:
    • Droops
    • Spurs
    • Mis-chucks
    • Knocked down flanges
    • Other seaming errors
  • Automated ejection
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Production reports
  • Can be installed onto existing flat top chain conveyor
  • Various machine layouts and forms possible
  • Can provide shut down alarm to up-stream equipment
  • Optional Top-View stations to inspect barcodes, pull-tabs,
    over-pack, dents, and other damages
  • Maybe integrated with our x-ray inspection system for foreign materials
  • Operation is from the front panel touch screen

Lizotte has been developing vision systems for over 20 years. The machines analyze based on size, shape, color and defects. The advantages of installing a Lizotte machine are manifold and can increase your consistency and efficiency.

Lizotte offers multiple machines including: Whole Mussel Sorter, Mussel Meat Sorter, Scallop Sorter, Nordic Shrimp Sorter, Whelk Grader, Whelk Sorter, Clam Sorter, Snow Crab Grader, Lobster Grader, Cartilage Finder, Brown Crab Grader, Oyster Grader, Can Seam Inspection, Can Inspection for Foreign Materials

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Nessco Industries sells the Lizotte brand of machines for the Western and Midwestern United States.

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